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In early 1999 David reached out to his father and asked if he was interested in fulfilling a lifelong dream of working together. His partnership at the time wasn’t working out and he was interested in establishing a new engineering firm. The two had contemplated such an endeavor in the 1980’s and early 1990’s as David worked his way up in Carter’s general contracting company.   Using David’s foundation as partner in a small Sarasota firm as a springboard, Karins Engineering Group was incorporated in August 1999.

David G KarinsDavid G. Karins, PE, President
David G. Karins has civil engineering experience with practice specialization in structural and general civil engineering. His background encompasses all aspects of the typical engineering project, including analysis, design, plan preparation, specification writing, report preparation, consulting during permitting and bidding, and field observations of work-in-progress. Mr. Karins is active in the community and serves on industry boards of directors at the local and national levels.

f carter karinsF. Carter Karins, PE, CEO
F. Carter Karins has mechanical engineering experience with practice specialization in design and engineering of hydraulically operated cranes, packaging machines and systems and fluid dynamics. Mr. Karins also has an extensive background in construction management, real estate development, residential design and light commercial design. This diverse combination of experience makes Mr. Karins uniquely qualified to provide consulting services during planning, design and construction phases of building projects, as well as consulting services for the design of machine components and systems.