The Karins Advantage

Our Values

Social Profit
We value giving, not just getting; we believe in enriching, economically and otherwise, all of our stakeholders, customers and our community. We value the creation of social profit that ensues when our actions produce net benefits to society beyond the marketing of engineering services and the creation of employment opportunities. The spirit of social profit is investing both the financial and non-financial wealth we possess in the larger societal community

Teamwork enriches quality of work life at KEG. In working together we emphasize individual excellence and encourage all members of the team to stretch to meet their goals. We all benefit from being on a winning team and working with truly outstanding leaders.

We strive to be the best attainable, and then not satisfied being there. We can always do better. Pride of achievement comes from striving for excellence and all of our sustainable success stems from insisting on exceptionally high standards in our daily goals. The quest for excellence creates economic value, but it is valuable in its own right for it uplifts the human spirit and burnishes the joy of personal achievement.

Through innovation we will stay ahead of our clients by responding not only to what they ask for but leading them to new solutions. We will continue to look for new opportunities, and will be successful if we are never satisfied with current methods of performing tasks and services. Every employee has a voice on how we can do something better and when found, the team will to adopt the better way.

Our vision is to provide clients with the most useful and ethical engineering services available. Honesty and fair play are not only the right ways in which to compete, they are the best ways. Our services are difficult for our clients to judge fully even after they have been performed. Because of this vulnerability, integrity is extremely important to our relationship with our clients.

Our goal is to provide an environment where employees want to work, where work is enjoyable and challenging.

Fundamental respect for the client, the employee, our business partners and the community provides us with a competitive advantage. Respectfulness dignifies transactions for both the client and the server; it invests esteem into the proceedings of business; it underscores worthwhileness. Respect as a core value consists of trust, sensitivity and listening.