Building Envelope Services

Building Envelope Services

The building envelope is the first line of defense, protecting the structure from wind, rain, frost, humidity and temperature variations while maintaining interior comfort. Failure may be as obvious as water infiltration, cracks, bulges or collapses, or as subtle as energy inefficiency and occupant discomfort.

Our process for administering exterior building envelope repair and protection has been developed over the hundreds of projects since 1999. We determine root causes through a series of tests to create customized repair options responsive to your constraints. We also provide on-site support during rehabilitation. Our expertise covers all material types and building vintages, and includes Coatings & Sealants, Windows & Doors and Roofing Consulting.

  • Weatherproofing evaluation and design
  • Roofing, balconies, windows, doors, stairways, railings
  • Specifications, bids, construction phase services

Water Intrusion
Structural moisture intrusion can lead to possible dangerous mold contamination along with a host of progressive stability problems.

Our engineers trace intrusion patterns to determine potential causes, whether from water stains, humidity, faulty sealants and more. The purpose is to identify the origin and restore the structure to safe and functionally sound condition.