reserve studies

Reserve/Capital Improvement/Maintenance Planning

Who needs a reserve study? Those overseeing the maintenance of condominium, townhome, or homeowners' association will benefit greatly from a real time reserve study completed by a structural engineering consultant. 

Associations use  reserve study reports to determine the amount to charge each owner for their share of the annual reserve contribution and to accurately disclose the status of the Reserve Fund to owners in annual financial statements.

A reserve study contains the following components:

  • A listing of the major assets funded through reserves
  • Their Expected Service Life
  • Their Remaining Service Life
  • Their Current Replacement Cost.
  • An evaluation of the current financial strength of the Reserve Fund (usually expressed as percent funded).
  • A recommended multi-year Reserve Funding Plan.

A Reserve Study completed by Karins Engineering Group, Inc. is presented from the perspective of an engineering consultant who has designed and administered thousands of restoration projects on existing buildings. These projects are almost always bid competitively. KEG therefore maintains a database of current bid pricing in addition to a practical understanding of the nature of the projects.