Concrete Resotration

Structural Restoration Services

Areas adjacent to large bodies of salt water – such as Florida’s Gulf Coast – subject buildings and structures to harsh environmental conditions, resulting in various forms of degradation. Other means of deterioration can include normal wear and tear, moisture intrusion, fire, insect activity, differential foundation settlement and exposure to high wind. Left unchecked, deterioration may progress to the point of compromising strength, stability, serviceability and appearance.

Regardless of the contributing factors, Karins will restore weakened and worn structures to prolong a property’s lifespan and safety.

We approach each renovation project with careful attention to detail, time and cost.

Structural Restoration Consulting Services

  • Damage Investigation
  • Structural Adequacy Investigations and Reports
  • Repair Specification Development
  • Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Design
  • Historical Structure Rehabilitation Design
  • Damaged Structure Repair Design
  • Plumbing Stacks
  • Foundation Studies and Evaluation
  • Expert Witness Services for Legal Proceedings
  • Retention Ponds, Roadways, Settlement Issues
  • Reserve Studies