Concrete Restoration

Whether you have cracked and spalling balcony edges, stress cracks in slabs or beams, or eroded surfaces, Karins Engineering Group, Inc. can assist with solving the problem. A long history in the concrete repair industry affords KEG personnel the knowledge and experience to diagnose, analyze and design repairs to concrete defects. Our team can assist from the initial appearance of symptoms to the completion of the repair project. Our systematic approach to these projects is intended to achieve maximum value for each dollar spent, and to bring to these types of projects a professionalism that is often lacking.

Concrete Repair is a key component of many structural stabilization, restoration and strengthening projects. Identifying the source of the problem, developing a scope, selection of materials and method of repair are essential to the success and achieving the desired results.

Our team has the knowledge and skills required to properly assess the degree of concrete deterioration and restore the structure as needed. Once the concrete has been restored or replaced, we specify a waterproofing system to prevent water penetration.

Our concrete restoration consulting services include:

  • Cracked decks, walls, structural supports: concrete, steel & wood
  • Handrail repairs and stanchion anchorage
  • Spalled concrete, corroding reinforcing steel
  • Settling foundations
  • Repair of all structural members: columns, beams, slabs, footings
  • Repair of stucco & EIFS systems