KEG provides structural engineering for light-gauge steel (also known as cold formed steel or CFS) structures including walls and vertical framing, trusses, beams and horizontal framing and whole-building panelized construction.  Our capability includes an understanding of the materials along with the specialized methods of fabrication, corrosion protection accessory materials. Our services include design and specification of system components, drafting of fabrication drawings, and field observations of installed structures to verify conformity to design and fabrication documents. Additionally, we have assisted in the start-up and certification of CFS manufacturing plants and the United States implementation of a self-contained modular fabrication and assembly system.

jacaranda-traceCurtainwalls Jacaranda Trace
Jacaranda Trace Phase 2 is an 8-story multi-unit retirement community building located in Venice, Florida. Karins Engineering Group was the Special Inspector and also the Specialty Engineer for the exterior walls. Exterior wall framing consisted of light gauge steel stud framing connected to precast hollowcore slabs.

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